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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Does the thought of having your wisdom teeth removed scare you? If so, it might feel easier to just put it off for as long as possible, right? Wrong. Although wisdom tooth removal seems scary, it’s an extremely common procedure and can save you further procedures down the line if you put it off.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to get your wisdom teeth removed:

  1. Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out Can Prevent Tooth Decay
    Because your wisdom teeth sit at the back of your mouth on the upper and lower ends of your jaw, they can be very difficult to clean. Bacterial buildup on wisdom teeth is extremely common, making your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. Unfortunately, once a tooth develops tooth decay, it can quickly spread to your other teeth. So an isolated instance of tooth decay on one wisdom tooth is very unlikely.Removing your wisdom teeth as soon as your dentist recommends can prevent tooth decay development or spread, and prevent further complications arising in the rest of your teeth.
  2. The Procedure is Easier Than You Think
    Over 10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year. Dentists perform countless removal procedures regularly, making it one of the most straightforward and low-risk dental procedures you can get. Despite what your fears might be telling you, getting your wisdom teeth removed is generally no more uncomfortable than a standard filling.
  3. Your Impacted Teeth Can Cause More Problems
    If your wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow, they can get stuck under the gums and become impacted. When this happens, cysts and tumors can form which can affect the nearby teeth and bones. Removing your wisdom teeth on your dentist’s recommendation can prevent this from happening.

At Livewell Dentistry, we pride ourselves on giving patients a gentle, kind, caring and efficient dental experience. If you are worried about your wisdom teeth, contact us today for a consultation to discuss treatment options that are right for you.

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