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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning at it's best, so you can feel confident in your smile

Clean, white teeth that look good and feel good have the power to change your appearance and increase your confidence dramatically. This is why teeth cleaning is an important and essential procedure in your journey to achieve optimal oral and dental health.

LiveWell Dentistry in Santa Monica is a dental practice that is dedicated to delivering quality care to all our patients in a safe and hygienic environment where you feel comfortable. Our wide range of dental services includes teeth cleaning, which both our doctors Dr. Shabnam Khanideh and Dr. Mehra Pouyan can perform impeccably.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is more than just brushing your teeth and flossing at home.

It involves a process where a dental professional thoroughly cleans your teeth using advanced tools and equipment to remove any dental plaque and tartar that have built up over time. Doing so prevents tooth decay, cavities, a wide range of gum problems, and discoloration of your teeth.

Many people often neglect this because they are unaware of just how beneficial the procedure can be for them in the long run. It is recommended that you visit the dentist’s office twice a year for professional teeth cleaning.

What is the procedure like?

The teeth cleaning procedure is very simple and can be completed in a short time. How long it will last depends on the individual condition of your teeth and what the procedure entails. First, you will have to go through a physical exam where your teeth are examined by a dentist.

This is followed by removing the plaque and tartar build-up using a tool known as a scaler. Usually, these accumulations are found near the base of the gum, as well as between your teeth. After scaling is completed, an electric toothbrush is used to deep clean your teeth, after which your dentist will floss your teeth thoroughly. Your mouth is then rinsed to get rid of any remaining particles.

Lastly, you will be given a fluoride treatment. There are various flavors available and you get to choose which flavor you want. This is like a protective cover for your teeth that will help prevent cavities in the months to come.

Sparkling white teeth that restore your glow

Don’t underestimate the power of a set of clean, sparkling teeth.

It can change your entire look, give a special glow to your face and boost your confidence. Going beyond more than just aesthetics, it is a preventative procedure you will thank yourself for, later.

LiveWell Dentistry in Santa Monica is your one-stop-shop for exhaustive professional teeth cleaning. With our dedication to delivering top-notch services to each one of our customers, you can be confident that you have the right professionals working to give you the best smile.

If you are looking for the best teeth cleaning in Santa Monica for you and your family, you have to look no further than LiveWell Dentistry.

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