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Periodontal Treatment

Proper periodontics keep your gums healthy and clean

Periodontal treatment refers to oral treatment provided for gum diseases. Gum diseases are caused by bacteria found in the mouth, that irritate the gum, and then make it bleed. Receiving professional periodontal treatment immediately is crucial because if not treated properly, the gum diseases can eventually destroy not just your gum, but the bone that supports your teeth.

Using technology and experience to get results

At LiveWell Dentistry in Santa Monica, Dr. Shabnam Khanideh and Dr. Mehra Pouyan specialize in delivering advanced periodontal treatment to address all kinds of gum diseases and conditions.

Accompanied by the latest tools and equipment, our dentists have the expertise that you would want in every professional caring for any aspect of your health. We are known for our gentle and caring approach that helps all our patients feel safe and comfortable. At LiveWell Dentistry, we are committed to creating a positive environment so you can have a pleasant experience with us.

Here are the periodontal treatments that we offer:


A sinus lift, also known as sinus augmentation, is a surgical procedure where a dentist adds bone to your upper jaw in the area where your molars and premolars are located, between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses. The maxillary sinuses are located on either side of the nose. In order to make room for the new bone, the dentist lifts the sinus membrane, which is how the procedure got its name.

If you don’t have enough bone height in your upper jaw, or if your sinuses are way too close to your jaw that they block the placement of dental implants, then a sinus lift may be just the solution for you.


Gum surgery is a popular treatment for a wide range of gum diseases. Usually, gum disease is a result of excessive bacteria build-up in your mouth, which, in turn, creates plaque. If your body is not strong enough to fight this, an infection occurs. Some people may have gum disease as a result of chronic illnesses and medications as well.

There are various types of gum surgeries, including gingival flap surgery, crown lengthening, regeneration, and soft tissue graft. We will recommend the most suitable procedure based on your individual condition.


A gum graft is a surgical procedure that is meant for correcting receding gums. First, a piece of tissue is removed from healthy gum tissue or from the roof of your mouth. After this, the tissue is attached to areas where your gums have worn away. It is also referred to as gingival graft.
There are three different types of gum grafts, which are free gingival graft, connective tissue graft, and pedicel or lateral graft. Depending on your individual conditions, we choose the most suitable type of graft.
A gum graft is a quick procedure and does not require you to stay in the clinic or hospital after the procedure. You can leave and go home right after it is done.


Periodontal surgery is the surgery that you may have when you have a serious gum infection. Not only does this procedure effectively remove bacteria from your gums, but it can also reshape the bones supporting your teeth and prevent any further damage to your gums.
If you find that you have a swollen, red, or bleeding gum, if you have pain when chewing food, or if you have deep pockets between your teeth and gums, then periodontal may be the right solution for you.


Mouth ulcers are common oral problems that people of all ages face. Simply put, a mouth ulcer is the result of the erosion of the delicate lining tissue of your mouth, also known as the mucous membrane. For most people, mouth ulcers form after an injury to the mouth tissues, as when you accidentally bite the inside of your cheeks.
Usually, mouth ulcers go away on their own after a few days. However, if you have aphthous ulcers, which are recurring mouth ulcers without any known cause and do not go away on their own even after ten days, make sure that you seek professional treatment to remove your ulcers.
At LiveWell Dentistry, we will develop the best treatment option and plan to remove your mouth ulcers as quickly as possible.


Taking care of your gums and ensuring that they are in prime health is an important and essential part of achieving complete oral health. No matter how old you may be, it is imperative that you take steps to improve the health of your gums.

At LiveWell Dentistry, we provide gentle and comprehensive periodontal treatments to help you and your family make sure that you are free from all kinds of gum diseases. Get in touch with us today to know more about periodontal treatments or to book an appointment.

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