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Metal-Free Fillings

It's time to replace your metal fillings

Sometimes, no matter how impeccable your oral and dental hygiene may be, cavities are inevitable. When they do develop, they are corrected using dental fillings. Today, patients now have access to metal-free fillings, which come with a ton of benefits.

Metal-free fillings, as the name suggests, do not have metals in them and instead, are made of resin and glass. Unlike metal fillings, these do not shrink or expand as reactions to hot and cold, nor do they loosen and get detached easily. Simply, metal-free fillings are more reliable and consistent.

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What kind of fillings are used today?

There are two types of metal-free fillings commonly used today, which are composite and glass lonomer. While composite fillings are made of a mixture of resin and glass, glass lonomer fillings are made of powdered glass. Both of these fillings look very natural and are also extremely strong and reliable.

LiveWell Dentistry in Santa Monica offers high-quality metal-free fillings that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth while providing strength and durability. Dr. Shabnam Khanideh and Dr. Mehra Pouyan are both highly skilled in carrying out the procedure and have successfully inserted metal-free fillings for a long list of patients.

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What are the benefits of metal-free fillings?

Metal-free fillings are very strong and durable. They are made from materials that are tough enough for you to chew and bite comfortably like you would with your natural teeth.

A huge benefit of metal-free fillings is that they look extremely natural and blend seamlessly with your own teeth. This not only gives them a unique aesthetic appeal, but no one will notice that you have fillings. They are more or less invisible to others.

Unlike metal fillings, metal-free fillings do not shrink or expand and react strongly to hot and cold food. This means that you don’t have to deal with toothaches and other issues caused by the sensitivity of your fillings. Put simply, metal-free fillings provide a much more consistent quality of care.

One of the reasons why the procedure for metal fillings can be met with fear is because of the drilling involved to insert the filling. However, with metal-free fillings, there is no drilling involved, which makes the entire experience much more pleasant for the patient.

Metal-free fillings are bonded to the surface of your tooth directly, thus strengthening the very structure of the tooth. This ensures that your tooth will be able to function normally without any issues.

Natural metal-free fillings at affordable rates

At LiveWell Dentistry, we understand that getting dental fillings is not the most fun experience that a patient looks forward to. This is why we try our best to make the entire procedure as efficient and simple as possible.

With our metal-free fillings, you don’t have to compromise the natural appearance or the functionality of your teeth. Contact us today for metal-free fillings at affordable rates.

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