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Get straighter teeth without the worry of braces

Uneven, crooked or crowded teeth? No problem.

People need orthodontic treatment for several reasons like uneven or missing teeth, gum disease, and much more. At LiveWell Dentistry, we aim to provide you with the best solutions for all of your teeth and gum problems. Just one of those solutions is arguably the best Invisalign Santa Monica provides.

While considering orthodontics, braces are very popular for aligning the teeth and fixing several other problems that may arise in the mouth. Many people opt to get braces purely due to the aesthetic impact caused by it. Adults, in particular, are not as willing to wear metal braces for long periods of time.

braces from Invisalign Santa Monica

Discreet solutions for straighter teeth

Invisalign is a revolutionary invention in the world of orthodontics, created to fix a number of dental problems while being almost invisible. The Invisalign treatment involves wearing a set of custom-made aligning trays in the mouth. These trays are made mainly to fix any problems that you may have, and our dentists will change the trays every few weeks to adjust to the new teeth alignment.

Invisalign is the perfect choice for people who are conscious of smiling with metal braces. First, Invisalign contains no metal and is practically invisible. Secondly, these trays can be temporarily removed, which means that you can take them off for important occasions. This gives you much more flexibility with regards to your treatment, making it the best choice for your daily life. Besides this, ever since Invisalign was released into the market, people have reported being in awe of the changes it has brought to their smile and their self-esteem.

woman after Invisalign Santa Monica

What kind of problems can Invisalign treat?

Our treatment of Invisalign in Santa Monica can handle almost all the same problems as the traditional braces would, but in a more visually appealing and flexible manner. Here are some of the most common dental problems that can be treated with Invisalign:

Overcrowding – When there is a lack of enough space for the teeth to grow normally, they start to become crooked and grow facing different directions. If not treated correctly, overcrowding can result in decaying of the teeth as well as gum ailments in the future.

Gapped teeth – People sometimes have gaps between their teeth because of excess space due to a missing tooth or the abnormal growth of the jaw.

Overbite – This common problem occurs when the upper teeth stick out and completely cover the lower teeth, which can lead to jaw problems over time.

Underbite – This is the opposite of the overbite, wherein the lower teeth stand out before the upper teeth and completely cover them. This bite problem can also lead to jaw diseases.

Crossbite – This dental problem is when a few or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, causing bone and gun problems over time.

How is Invisalign different from traditional braces and veneers?

Invisalign is a treatment that was developed to provide the benefits offered by traditional braces and veneers but in a more customized, unnoticeable way. All of these methods of orthodontic work well to treat different teeth problems, and depending on the situation, our doctors will be able to tell you which one might suit you the best.

The main difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that the last is more of a permanently fixed option. Invisalign offers the wearer the choice of removing the aligning trays, as and when needed. While the trays offer the benefit of being more comfortable and less visible to the eye, it definitely requires more care and commitment to keep up with the process. Nevertheless, both of these treatments provide almost the same results.

Veneers are thin tooth-like covers that are fixed to your already existing teeth, making them look more aligned and appealing. Invisalign is different because it is actually a mechanism to correct and align your natural teeth. Veneers are more expensive and can also break, making it a less viable option as compared to Invisalign.


How does Invisalign treatment work?

During your consultation, our expert dentists will consider all the aspects of your teeth and propose a treatment plan that is suitable for you.

After this, 3D digital images are taken of your entire jaw, which will help the dentist move the teeth on the screen and also see beforehand the results that can be expected from the treatment. With the help of this technology, you can see the ways in which Invisalign can alter your facial structure.

Once your treatment plan is finalized, our dental specialists will get to work and make a customized set of aligners for you. Depending on your plan, the total number of aligners required will be determined, but it is common to have between 20-30 sets of aligners for each arch in the mouth.

Once you begin to wear your Invisalign, you will need to take special care and avoid wearing it while eating or drinking. Our dental experts will make new trays for you every two weeks or so, allowing you to visit the clinic and see the progress for yourself. Our goal is to give you the best results from Invisalign Santa Monica has to offer. There is no doubt that Invisalign has changed the way we view orthodontics. If you are considering a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing way of treating your dental problems, Invisalign is the perfect choice for you. Schedule an appointment with us today and get ready for a newer and brighter smile.

Itero for Invisalign

Do you need to get your Invisalign clear aligners fitted? Traditional methods involve using things like dental clay to take molds of your teeth. While that’s a good method, it’s not suitable all the time or for everyone.

At LiveWell Dentistry, we have introduced the iTero Element system to take the place of traditional dental molding practices. Now you don’t have to sit and wait for a long time for the dental clay to set during your Invisalign fitting.

iTero’s cutting-edge 3D mapping technology quickly obtains the complete shape and contours of your teeth. The precision technology of the iTero Element system ensures that every section of your teeth is carefully and closely mapped. This way, your Invisalign aligners will be a perfect fit, and you’ll regain your beautiful smile in no time. The technology also reduces the number of re-fittings you’ll need.

itero machine for invisalign in Santa Monica

iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero also has a specialized Intraoral Scanner. As your teeth change alignment during the Invisalign treatment, the technology can be used to monitor these changes closely.

At LiveWell Dentistry, we are committed to making your Invisalign clear aligners fitting a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The iTero Element system takes quick scans of your teeth, and you can be out of our dental clinic in under half an hour. Feel free to book your appointment today to receive the best Invisalign Santa Monica has to offer.

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