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Look your best and enjoy your smile with a new set of dentures

A denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces your natural teeth and provides support to the mouth, enabling you to smile confidently. At LiveWell Dentistry, we offer patients with dentures that are high-quality and affordable, enabling you to look and feel your best.

Dentures are a full-mouth appliance that acts as a replacement for missing teeth and the tissue that surrounds the teeth. Dentures are formed in a way that resembles your natural teeth very closely, enabling you to feel comfortable and confident with your day-to-day life.

Dentures usually come in two types, complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are required by people who have lost all of their teeth, whereas partial dentures are more helpful to those who still have a few natural teeth intact. Dentures not only fill up the space that is caused by missing teeth but they also support the remaining natural teeth in the mouth by preventing them from shifting around.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, our dental experts may suggest a complete denture that is either conventional or immediate. For the conventional method, the denture is made after the dentist removes all the teeth in the mouth and allows the gum tissue to heal for up to six weeks. You will go without teeth for the amount of time it takes to prepare the dentures.

Need a solution fast with no downtime? We got you covered.

If you opt for an immediate procedure, the dentures will be made by our expert dentists in advance, after studying the placement that is to be followed. The immediate procedure will prevent you from having to remain teeth-less during the healing time, therefore enabling you to feel more confident. Over time, the gum tissue will shrink and heal, and corresponding adjustments will be made to the dentures by our dentists.

One of the main advantages of getting dentures is that they are highly durable and effective for the long-term. Once in a while, you will need to visit us to have them readjusted or repaired, depending on the amount of wear it has undergone.


What is the procedure for getting dentures?

The entire process of getting dentures will require you to visit our specialists over the course of several weeks. First, highly accurate impressions of your mouth will be taken, then measurements will be carried out, all of which will help us create your custom-made denture. As dentures are required to be worn every day, and over a long period of time, our expert dentists will call you in for several “try-in” appointments to ensure that the dentures have a proper fit, shape, and color. Once all the adjustments have been made, the final appointment will take place, during which your dentist will correctly place and fine-tune the denture, giving you a comfortable fit.

After the entire process, you will need to follow the instructions of our dentists with regard to good oral hygiene and eating habits.


Why should you opt for dentures?

There are several reasons why you may have to opt for dentures. Here are some:

  • Lost several teeth in the upper or lower arch of the mouth
  • Lost all teeth in the upper or lower arch of the mouth
  • It helps to improve facial tissues
  • Allows the patient to carry on with chewing and improved digestion
  • It helps to improve the clarity of speech
  • Gives the patient an attractive smile

If you wish to find an immediate solution for missing or damaged teeth, dentures are definitely the right option for you. Visit our dental clinic to find the best denture fit for your smile. When you choose our Santa Monica dentists you will get much more than your average dental treatment, you will get the smile you deserve.

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